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Protecting Your Rights Against Abusive Debt Collectors
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What to Do If You're Being Sued by Apothaker Scian

Many people have been targeted with a lawsuit from Apothaker Scian P.C., one of the largest volume collection law firms operating in the state of Pennsylvania. This company represents collection agencies and junk debt buyers; however, they also represent original creditors such as Discover Bank, so they do not always represent debt buyers. While the attorneys at Apothaker Scian skilled and hardworking, they often file lawsuits that are defective because they haven’t been provided with enough documentation/ evidence by their clients. Collection attorneys are limited by the information clients give them, no matter how good they are. Our lawyer at the Law Office of Michael P. Forbes is ready to help you fight an unjust lawsuit.

The approach of our firm has two parts. First, Attorney Forbes defends the case based on a lack of legal sufficiency. When a party files a lawsuit in the state, there must be several points of proof that should be placed in the suit. Facts need to be established to prove the defendant had a credit account, the defendant defaulted on the account, that the amount matches a particular number, and that the company that is pursuing the case has the right to sue you and collect on the alleged debt.

In the experience of Attorney Forbes, the lawsuits Apothaker Scian pursues regarding credit card claims tend to be legally insufficient, at least when they are first filed. When we defend a client in this regard, we object to the lawsuits on insufficiency grounds.

If Apothaker Scian is able to meet the evidence requirements for filing a lawsuit for their clients (rare in a junk debt buyer case), Attorney Forbes will then move on to defend the claim on its legal merits. For example, if you didn’t actually have the account or didn’t actually default on it, we would defend you on those grounds. In many debt buying cases, our attorney can have the claim against you dismissed without your needing to pay the collection agency a cent.

Our attorney is familiar with the collection tactics used by some collection firms. He has dedicated his career to protecting people from illegal and threatening collection practices, such as threatening wage garnishment or jail time. Likewise, we defend people from collection agencies which might have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If that happens, we can bring a claim against the company for unfair debt collection practices. The offending firm would then have to pay your legal fees that are incurred in pursuing the claim against them.

Our skilled Pennsylvania debt collector defense lawyer can help you defend yourself against unfair debt collection practices. He began his career in family law but witnessed first-hand how much people suffered as a result of credit reports. He then began to focus his practice on helping clients negotiate with their creditors in order to mitigate some of the damage they were facing. Talk to us about your particular case today. We would be happy to help.

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