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Protecting Your Rights Against Abusive Debt Collectors
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Common Debt Collector Violations

Debt Collection Abuse & Harassment is Illegal!

Creditors will usually try various methods to collect on a debt before selling the account or turning it over to a debt collection company. Debt collection agencies will also engage in numerous efforts to get the bill paid. This sometimes includes abusive and deceitful behavior that is in violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). If you are being harassed by a debt collection agency, contact me, Michael P. Forbes, Esquire, to find out your rights in regards to fair debt collection practices. I can provide valuable legal advice regarding illegal collection actions and how to file a complaint or initiate a lawsuit to stop the abuse and hold the collection agency accountable for their actions.

Examples of Abusive Debt Collection Actions

I have helped many clients with debt collector problems including FDCPA violations such as:

  • Threatening lawsuits, garnishment, lies or arrest for not paying a bill
  • Calling your family, friends, neighbors or employers to collect a debt
  • Constantly calling you
  • Calling your cell phone without permission
  • Leaving abusive phone messages
  • Insulting, yelling or swearing at you
  • Calling your workplace after telling the collector not to call you there
  • Lying, threatening or otherwise harassing you in any way
  • Making False statements or false threats such as implying that you committed a crime or may go to jail or that they are a government agency
  • Threaten you with a lawsuit or sale of your property unless it intends to follow through on such acts
  • Threaten wage garnishment in Pennsylvania
  • Disclose your debt or imply you owe a debt to family members or co-workers (collectors can only make one phone call for location purposes only to another party)
  • Continue to call you after you informed them that you are represented by an attorney

If you are behind on your bills and receiving abusive calls from debt collection companies, call my office for legal advice on how to stop collector harassment. For a list of debt collectors, debt collection agencies and law firms who frequently violate FDCPA guidelines, please click here.

Contact my office for sound legal counsel on how to stop debt collector abuse! We represent clients in Pennsylvania.

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