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Protecting Your Rights Against Abusive Debt Collectors
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Resolving Zombie Debts in Philadelphia, PA

They Never Go Away

Zombie debts are exactly what they sound like, debts that don't seem to die and never go away. How they work is predatory collectors buy junk debts or old debt from credit card companies for extremely low prices. They use credit scoring and other methods to zero in on individuals who are likely to pay off their old debts. These collection agencies then go after the unsuspecting consumer, many times using harassment or abusive tactics, in order to pressure people into payments.

At times, these companies will quickly go on to file credit card lawsuits against individuals, trying to force payment of an old debt. Frequently, these are debts that are not actually owed by the consumer, were already paid in full or have been legally resolved in bankruptcy court. Attorney Forbes feels strongly that these collection agencies should be reined in and held accountable for their actions. Mr. Forbes, a Philadelphia debt collection defense attorney, can help identify zombie debt collectors and provide real solutions to stop their abuses.

Philadelphia Debt Collector Harassment Attorney

Following are just some of the ways that zombie debt collectors go about their business:

  • They use verbal abuse, profanity and threats to try to force payments
  • They sue or threaten to sue on debts for which the statute of limitations has run
  • Telling credit bureaus than an old debt is actually new, thus extending the length of time a negative item can be reported on a credit report and trying to put additional pressure on the consumer
  • Extending a promise to remove a bad mark from a credit report if a small payment is received on the debt. This can bring the debt back to life and open the consumer up to a lawsuit.

Fortunately, there are legal remedies to stop zombie debt collectors and their methods. There are many actions I can take, leading up to lawsuits, that can cause these companies to back off and stop their harassing methods. Federal law provides for suing these companies and recovering damages plus attorney fees in many cases. Don't let these unethical companies take your hard-earned money or ruin your credit standing.

If your old debts are being brought back to life by zombie debt collectors in Pennsylvania, contact Philadelphia consumer attorney Michael Forbes for help.

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