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Protecting Your Rights Against Abusive Debt Collectors
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Philadelphia Debt Collection Abuse Attorney

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Abuse or harassment on the part of debt collectors is not a recent development. Collectors have been engaging in illegal collection tactics for many years, victimizing millions of consumers in the process. It is because of this harassment that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was enacted by Congress in 1978. This act provides clear guidelines as to the acceptable behavior of debt collectors, and delineates what they may not do when attempting to collect a debt from a consumer.

A few of the primary rules of the FDCPA state that a collector cannot:

  • Treat you in an undignified manner, such as using foul or abusive language
  • Call other people and discuss your debt
  • Contact you after written notification that you do not want to be contacted any further
  • Accuse you of having committed a crime
  • Use deceptive methods to collect debts
  • Call you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Call you, but not announce who he/she is
  • Speak to others (family, friends, neighbors) about your debt
  • Fail to send you written details about the debt within 5 days of the first call placed to you

Speak with Our Consumer Attorney Serving Pennsylvania

If you are being subjected to abuse by a debt collector, it is strongly advised that you contact an experienced Philadelphia debt attorney as soon as possible. I, Attorney Forbes, have been protecting individuals and families from such abuse for many years, and I am available to help you in your case. Contact my offices today, and I will review your particular circumstances in order to determine how best to obtain a cessation of your abuse. I can help you with:

How an Attorney Can Help you Fight Abusive Debt Collectors

It is not always easy to get a debt collector to cease their abusive or harassing practices against you. If they suspect that you are not fully informed regarding debt collection law, they will seek to get around FDCPA rules and continue to harass you until you pay your debt. By acquiring the services of a skilled attorney, you are arming yourself with the legal assistance necessary to improve the likelihood of a favorable resolution to your abuse case.

Collection Agencies Who Frequently Violate FDCPA Guidelines:

If you are being harassed or abused by a debt collector or law firm from one of the following agencies or law firms in Pennsylvania, please call me right away so I can defend your rights and help you stop the abuse!

  • A & S Collection Associates Inc
  • Academy Collection Service Inc
  • Account Services Collections Inc
  • Accounts Receivable Management Inc
  • Accounts Serv Co LTD
  • Accredited Collectional Aency Inc
  • Active Credit Svcs
  • Alexander Wright & Associates Inc
  • Allen Lewis & Associates Inc
  • Allen Lewis Ass Inc
  • Allen, Lewis & Associates
  • AllianceOne Rec Mgmt
  • AllianceOne Receivables Management Inc
  • Allied Interstate Credit Corp
  • Allied Interstate Inc
  • Alternative Revenue Systems Inc
  • American Coradius Inc
  • American Coradius International LLC
  • American Credit Collections
  • Anderson, Crenshaw & Associates LLC
  • Apex Financial Management LLC
  • Apothaker & Associates
  • Arrow Fin Serv LLC
  • Arrow Financial
  • ARS National Services Inc
  • ARS Recovery Services LLC
  • Ascension Services LP
  • Asset Acceptance LLC
  • Asset Mgmt Out Rec
  • Asset Acceptance, LLC
  • Associated Credit Services Inc
  • Atlantic Credit Fin
  • Audit Systems Inc
  • AvanteUSA LTD
  • Bay Area Credit Service LLC
  • Bonded Collection Corporation
  • Bronson & Migliaccio LLP
  • Burgess
  • CAC Financial Corp
  • Capital Management Services Inc
  • Capital Management Services LP
  • CBE Group Inc, The
  • Central Credit Services Inc
  • Central Portfolio Control Inc
  • Client Services Inc
  • Coast Professional Inc
  • Collectcorp Corporation
  • Collection Pros Inc
  • Collection Technology Inc.
  • Collecto Inc
  • Collectors Training Institute of Illinois Inc
  • Commercial Rec Syst
  • Consumer Adjustment Company Inc
  • Credit Collection
  • Credit Control LLC
  • Credit Control Services Inc
  • Creditors Financial Group LLC
  • Creditor's Interchange
  • Creditors Interchange Receivable Management LLC
  • CTI
  • Daniel Daniel Assoc
  • David Apothaker, Esquire
  • Debt Recovery Solutions Inc
  • Delanor Kemper & Associates LLC
  • Diversified Adjustment Service Incorporated
  • Diversified Collection Services Inc
  • Diversified Consultants Inc
  • Doctors Cred Ser Inc
  • Edwin A Abrahamsen & Associates, PC
  • Encore Receivable Management Inc
  • Enhanced Recovery Corporation
  • Enterprise Recovery Sytems Inc
  • ER Solutions
  • ER Solutions Inc
  • Federal Bond and Collection Service Inc
  • Financial Asset Management Systems Inc
  • First Fin Asset Mgmt
  • First Financial Asset Management Inc
  • First Performance Recovery Corporation
  • First Revenue Assurance LLC
  • Firstsource Advantage LLC
  • FMA Alliance LTD
  • Focus Receivables
  • Focus Receivables Management LLC
  • Frederick J. Hanna & Associates PC
  • Fulton Friedman Gullace
  • GC Services Limited Partnership
  • GE Services Limited Partnership
  • General Revenue Corporation
  • Gerald E. Moore & Associates, PC, The Law Office of
  • Gerald E. Moore Asso
  • Global Credit and Collections
  • Global Payments Chk
  • I.C. System Inc
  • IDG Financial Services LLC
  • Imperial Cred Systems
  • Innovative Accounts Management Inc
  • J.C. Christensen & Associates Inc
  • Johnson & Rountree
  • Law Office of John P Frye PC
  • Leading Edge Recovery Solutions LLC
  • Lenahan
  • LHR Inc
  • LTD Financial Services LP
  • LVNV
  • M.R.S. Associates Inc
  • Mid America Credit Corporation
  • Midland Funding
  • MRS Associates Inc.
  • National Action Financial Services Inc
  • National Check Trust Inc
  • National Credit Adjusters LLC
  • National Credit Systems Inc
  • National Enterprise Systems Inc
  • National Financial Systems Inc.
  • National Recovery Incorporated
  • Nations Recovery Center Inc
  • Nationwide Credit Inc
  • Nationwide Recovery Systems LTD
  • NCA Financial Services Inc
  • NCB Management Services Inc
  • NCC Business Services
  • NCO Financial Sys
  • NCO Financial Systems Inc
  • Nelson Watson & Associates LLC
  • Nelson, Watson & Associates LLC
  • Nor-Don Collection Network Inc
  • Northland Group Inc
  • Northstar Location Services
  • Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC
  • Omnium Worldwide Inc
  • OSI Collection Services
  • OSI Collection Services Inc
  • OSI Collection Svcs
  • Oxford Collection Agency Inc
  • Pentagroup Financial LLC
  • People First Recoveries LLC
  • Phillips & Burns LLC
  • Phillips & Cohen Associates LTD
  • Pinnacle Fin Grp Inc
  • Pinnacle Financial Group Incorporated
  • Pioneer Credit Recovery Inc
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC
  • Professional Bureau of Collections Inc
  • Professional Credit
  • Professional Recovery Services Inc
  • Professional Recovery Systems LLC
  • Ray Klein Inc.
  • Recovery One LLC
  • Redline Recovery Services LLC
  • Regional Adjustment Bureau Inc
  • Richard J. Boudreau & Associates LLC
  • Sam Street PLLC Law Office
  • Southwest Credit Systems
  • Southwest Credit Systems LP
  • Sunrise Credit Services Inc
  • Sure Tech Recovery LLC
  • Tiburon Financial LLC
  • Transworld Systems Inc
  • TRS Recovery Services Inc
  • TSYS Total Debt Management Inc
  • United Collection Bureau Inc
  • United Collections Bureau Inc
  • United Processing Inc et al
  • Universal Fidelity LP
  • Valentine & Kebartas Inc
  • Van Ru Credit Corporation
  • Ventus Capital Services LP
  • Viking Collection Service Inc
  • Vital Recovery Services Inc
  • Wells Fargo Financial Acceptance Pennsylvania Inc
  • West Asset Management
  • West Asset Management Inc
  • West Peak Financial Inc
  • Western Control Services
  • Westmoreland Agency
  • Windham Professional Inc
  • World Wide Recoveries
  • Worldzen Collection and Recovery LLC
  • Zenith Acquisition Corporation
  • Zwicker & Associates PC

For a longer list of debt collectors, debt collection agencies and law firms that frequently violate FDCPA guidelines, please click here.

Are you regularly being harassed or abused by a debt collector? Contact our office today to speak with Philadelphia debt collection defense attorney Michael P. Forbes. He can take legal action against the offending debt collectors on your behalf.

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