More Victories Over National Collegiate Trust

In the past week, I won two trials against two National Collegiate Trust entities and the other Trust dismissed its Complaint in yet another case. The Trusts purportedly buy private student loans under one company name and then place them into Trusts with different numbers assigned to them. Instead of having to defend one lawsuit, wherein the Trust could claim different amounts due from each loan disbursed from the original creditor, the loans are placed into different Trusts and multiple lawsuits are filed that originate from the one series of loans given by one bank.

This forces the consumer to spend more money than necessary on an attorney because they now have to defend two or more lawsuits instead of one. In once case, I am working with someone who is being sued in seven different lawsuits over loans by the same lender for loans given for the same school. At the first two trials I mentioned, when I showed up for court, NCT's lawyer did not have sufficient documentation to prove his case. What a surprise! NCT rarely has enough documentation. Instead, it counts on individuals to not have the means or wherewithal to hire a lawyer to defend the cases files against them.

In the other case, I won the case at an arbitration hearing but NCT appealed the case to be heard at trial before a Judge. As the trial date was quickly approaching, NCT dismissed its Complaint, instead of having to face the music before a Judge. I have many more NCT trials approaching over the next six months and, although, the odds are against me to win all of the cases, I look forward to keep fighting for the rights of the people such as you, the valiant "Davids" of this world against these corporate Goliaths.

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