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What is an Ejectment?

Understanding Ejectments in Pennsylvania

How a Philadelphia Debt Collector Defense Attorney Can Help

After a sheriff's sale, the deed to your property is transferred to a new owner, and thus extinguishes any rights you may hold over that property. The new owner is required to get court order enacted against you to remove you and your family. If this is your home, this can be especially devastating because you may still be reeling from the emotional and financial impact of losing your home. Undoubtedly, the thought of being homeless can be very terrifying.

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Filing a Response to an Ejectment

After receiving notice from the new owner, you can have up to 20 days to file a written response to the Court of Common Pleas. After that point, you and the new owner are involved in a litigation.

During the arguments, you can challenge the following:

  • The new owner's arguments
  • The mortgage company's allegations
  • Deed ownership
  • Prove that the foreclosure was done improperly or fraudulently

You may be able to show the courts that you should never have been ejected from your home, why the foreclosure was unjust and unlawful, and why the ejectment should never have been approved. Having a dedicated Philadelphia debt collector defense attorney on your side to make these arguments for you is necessary in order to get your case recognized and possibly even overturned.

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You have every right to fight against those who have wronged you, especially if you risk losing your home. Debt collectors can be relentless in their efforts to get what they want from you, and foreclosures can seem especially heartless. Don't allow these situations to take over your life. You can fight back!

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