Client Testimonials

Law Office of Michael P. Forbes, PC strives for client satisfaction! We have many happy clients who would love to share their stories with you. Take a look and read all of our testimonials below. If you are ready to start your service, please call us today at 610-991-3321.

      "He Got Me Out of a Financial Mess"

      "Thanks for your service." You hear that a lot these days. You're lucky as a Vietnam Vet I never heard that. I just wanted to let you know that someone is really there for you if you have a legal problem. His name is Michael Forbes, what he did for me was to get me out of a financial mess. He did it professionally and made me feel like he was really on my side and it actually felt like he was my friend. I had two cases that were in the court system. Michael handled both of them at price that was almost half what another attorney wanted. I highly recommend him and his extremely helpful office staff of a professional and fairly priced legal service. I spent a year in Vietnam 1966/1967, and am now 100% VA service connected disabled. I may have helped you or someone you know in the Bristol area. I used to be the Regional Representative for the Governors Veteran Outreach and Assistance Center. I came to the Bristol Job Center monthly to handle Veterans matters. My name is Jerry Timlin and I cannot say this enough -- if you need a great legal point man, Michael Forbes is the best.

      Jerry Timlin
      "Credit Report Inaccuracy Threatened My Promotion"

      After years of working hard and qualifying for a promotion I wanted, I found out that there were an inaccuracies on my credit report, which could’ve prevented me from securing the position. Prior to contacting Attorney Michael Forbes, I did what I always do...tried to solve problems on my own. I made the necessary phone calls and provided the requested paperwork only to constantly be stonewalled by the credit reporting agency and the original creditor. Once I realized that this was going nowhere fast, I found Attorney Forbes on the internet and made the phone call that completely changed the course of where things were headed. Attorney Forbes and his office staff greeted me with warmth and concern regarding my situation. He formulated a strategy that he said would most likely work. Well, he was correct; It didn't happen overnight, there was a process that had to be gone through, but in the end, I have the promotion, and my dignity. Michael made those big and faceless entities acknowledge their mistakes and correct their errors. It felt good having Attorney Forbes as my advocate, leaving me to focus on what I needed to do with my career and daily responsibilities. I am writing to let others know that if you have been knocked down by financial circumstances and are trying to get back on your feet, Mr. Forbes is the best "wing man" you can have. He is hard working, smart and dedicated to making things better. He did it for me and I hope you'll give him the chance to do the same for you.

      "Fought for Me Like No Other. He's One of the Good Ones."

      Trust me, I know what it means to struggle. I know what it's like to serve and come home to situations that you weren't entirely informed about. Four tours in Vietnam Infantry then went into aviation-- became crew chief. Covert operations for two years in Germany attached to NATO from 1966 to 1972. Found construction work and worked on oil tankers. As a Seaman I worked in the territorial seas. I also know what it's like when you need help and you don't know who to ask or how to ask--that is until I asked Attorney Michael Forbes. Great all around guy, smart lawyer and has fought for me like no other. He's one of the good ones. He'll help you too. Don't wait, just call him.

      "Someone You Definitely Want in Your Corner"

      I first met Michael Forbes in 1994. I had returned home from sea to learn two of my properties had begun foreclosure proceedings and debt was mounting. At a true low point in my life, Michael treated me with respect. He explained my situation in real terms, not "legalize," allowing me to make informed decisions regarding my situation. Michael's knowledge of consumer law is unsurpassed and his dedication to the "regular guy" turned what had felt like insurmountable problems into manageable life decisions. Michael has not only been my attorney with my financial affairs he has provided my family with successful legal advice and advocacy in child custody issues, criminal defense and has represented me and my interests on those occasions where I have been unable to do so myself. Most notably was during the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama, of which I was the 3rd Engineer. During the crisis, Michael worked tirelessly to ensure that my family was treated with dignity and compassion. I often think of Michael Forbes as a bulldog. Smart, loyal and someone you definitely want in your corner.

      "They are very straight forward and told us what to expect each step of the way. They are tireless advocates for their clients and profession."

      Michael Forbes is an outstanding lawyer: creative, innovative, and always prepared on both the facts and the law. Together with his wife who assists in managing the practice, Nancy, it was refreshing and encouraging to work with them during very challenging financial times in our life. Soon after I suffered serious heart and lung medical issues, our debt was mounting and our future financial stability was in severe jeopardy. Michael was recommended to us by one of his peers to handle our specific needs and issues. Michael’s trial skills are far and away the benchmark for all lawyers. The combination of his multifaceted problem solving techniques and intellectual methods set him apart as a premier attorney in the Philadelphia area. Perhaps the thing that impressed us the most about Michael and Nancy is that nothing was “sugar coated”. They are very straight forward and told us what to expect each step of the way. They are tireless advocates for their clients and profession.

      RD & AD
      "He managed to focus on the best outcomes for my family and our business"

      I want to thank Michael for his advice on several business and personal matters. I appreciate his intimate knowledge with the law and real-life workings of the legal system, his patience explaining best options, and his desire to achieve practical goals. He managed to focus on the best outcomes for my family and our business, all the while demonstrating compassion when times were tough. Likewise, Nancy, you combine your law practice management experience with a genuine passion for serving clients with respect and compassion. Thank you!

      "I trust Michael and as a result I highly recommend him."

      I have hired Michael to represent me on multiple occasions and every time I have found him to not only be knowledgeable and professional but kind and empathetic as well. He delivers results, and he also clearly cares about the people he represents. I trust Michael and as a result I highly recommend him.

      Heather C.