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Philadelphia Debt Negotiation Attorney

Is debt negotiation correct for you?

In these tough economic times, credit card and other types of debts can easily mount. As a result, you and your family may be experiencing financial stress that you would not have imagined years ago. One solution to this crisis is debt negotiation or debt settlement as it is sometimes referred to. There are other ways outside of debt negotiation to resolve debt problems, creditor harassment, credit card lawsuits and the like. Attorney Forbes works with clients reviewing their individual situations to create the best possible financial solution for them.

In debt negotiation, a skilled Philadelphia debt collection defense lawyer works with your creditors to bring about a reduction of your overall debts. Instead of not being paid at all, creditors will frequently agree to being paid a smaller amount than the full debt. Commonly, once the debt reduction amount has been negotiated, the amount owed must be paid in a lump sum. In some cases, a third party "trust" account can be established where funds for the settlement amount are accumulated and the debt eventually paid. In paying the negotiated balance amount, your debt will be looked upon as being paid in full.

Which debts are eligible for reduction?

You may have a portion of your overall debts that are not negotiable. Medical bills, personal loans and credit card bills are negotiable and eligible to be reduced. Taxes, student loans, child support and alimony are examples of debts that are not part of the debt negotiation process. Many individuals are considering bankruptcy, short sales and other methods in order to avoid creditor abuse and to stop the harassment. For some, these may be viable alternatives. For others, however, debt negotiation can be the light at the end of the tunnel and a way to turn the corner on financial troubles.

It is important that you contact me quickly if you would like to explore debt settlement. In many cases, the timing of my negotiations can be crucial to a creditor agreeing to reduce your settlement payment. It is not uncommon for debts to be reduced by 35-50% of whatever you may still owe. This can make a large difference for you and your family and make your financial future brighter.

Contact a Philadelphia debt negotiation attorney when you need a solution to overwhelming debt or creditor harassment.

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