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Protecting Your Rights Against Abusive Debt Collectors
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Stop Debt Collector Harassment in Philadelphia

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Abuse or harassment on the part of debt collectors is not a recent development. Collectors have been engaging in illegal collection tactics for many years, victimizing millions of consumers in the process. It is because of this harassment that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was enacted by Congress in 1978. This act provides clear guidelines as to the acceptable behavior of debt collectors, and delineates what they may not do when attempting to collect a debt from a consumer. A few of the primary rules of the FDCPA state that a collector cannot:

  • Treat you in an undignified manner, such as using foul or abusive language
  • Call other people and discuss your debt
  • Contact you after written notification that you do not want to be contacted any further
  • Accuse you of having committed a crime
  • Use deceptive methods to collect debts
  • Call you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Call you, but not announce who he/she is
  • Speak to others (family, friends, neighbors) about your debt
  • Fail to send you written details about the debt within 5 days of the first call placed to you

If you are being subjected to abuse by a debt collector, it is strongly advised that you contact me, Attorney Michael P. Forbes, a Philadelphia debt collection defense attorney as soon as possible. I have been protecting individuals and families from such abuse for many years, and I am available to help you in your case. Contact my offices today, and I will review your particular circumstances in order to determine how best to obtain a cessation of your abuse.

The Importance of Legal Representation in Pennsylvania

It is not always easy to get a debt collector to cease their abusive or harassing practices against you. If they suspect that you are not fully informed regarding debt collection law, they will seek to get around FDCPA rules and continue to harass you until you pay your debt. By acquiring the services of a skilled attorney, you are arming yourself with the legal assistance necessary to improve the likelihood of a favorable resolution to your abuse case.

Are you regularly being harassed or abused by a debt collector? Contact Michael P. Forbes, Esquire a Philadelphia debt collection defense lawyer who can take legal action against the offending debt collector on your behalf.

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