Liar Liar!!! Buyer Beware of Mortgage Modification

Since the start of the foreclosure crises and the Home Affordable Modification Program, intended to assist distressed homeowners in obtaining loan modifications, two types of fraudulent programs have permeated the internet, each luring desperate and anxious homeowners, facing the loss of their homes into their web of deceit and lies.

The first program is advertised by attorneys and other companies, who have no legal background. This program assures homeowners that the attorney or company can help save their homes by using its services to get the homeowner a loan modification. Most homeowners who had dealt directly with their mortgage companies are frustrated due to the runarounds, delays, lost paperwork and lies of the mortgage company.

Unfortunately, by using one of these law firms or "services", the unsuspecting homeowner just stepped deeper into the rabbit hole. While many of these firms tell people to stop making their mortgage payments in order to qualify for a loan modification, they can't help anyone any more than the people who are shelling out their hard-earned $500 a month to these people. Once you stop paying the $500 a month fee, you will discover that you might as well have flushed your money down the toilet, since these firms will stop providing their meager services to you. Unfortunately, very often, the homeowner ends up being foreclosed, anyway, after "working" with these people but now do not have the funds to hire a legitimate, experienced foreclosure defense attorney.

The second scam involves these companies that sell you some form of a forensic mortgage audit. These so-called audits all come in, basically, the same cookie cutter format, while appearing to be an impressive report supported by statistics and numbers that can be found on governmental websites. The problem is that I have never seen one of these audits accepted as evidence in a Pennsylvania court and, in fact, read a scathing opinion by a Judge, who, in essence, called the Report "trash". These reports are completely based on speculation. Worse yet, the distressed homeowner does not understand that the Report cannot be used as evidence unless the author of the Report, their so-called "expert", actually appears in Court to testify at trial. Very often, these companies use unqualified people who then charge more money to appear in Pennsylvania then what was initially disclosed to the homeowner. This includes costs for travel, hotel and appearance fees. They then tell you that if you can't afford that, the "expert" can save you money by testifying by phone or Skype. They back this up by claiming that Judge's allow this all the time.

What they don't tell you is that you just first obtain the permission of the Judge in order for them to testify by phone. All I can say is, good luck, finding a Pennsylvania Judge, who will agree to that.

So, it is buyer beware. I've heard from dozens of people who have been ripped off by these charlatans.

So, if you really want to try to save your house, find a legitimate, foreclosure defense lawyer, who has extensive litigation experienced with foreclosure defense in your area.

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