When to Call a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

If you become 60 days late or more on your mortgage payments in Pennsylvania State, you can reasonably start to expect that the bank or your lender will begin the foreclosure process. That is, they will want to begin the foreclosure process, but first, they need to let you know what is going on and that you are late on your payments.

Typically, you should be sent at least two letters in the mail that inform you that foreclosure proceedings are set to begin soon if nothing is done. If you were wondering when you should call a foreclosure defense attorney, now would be the time. Once you have a letter in hand with the lender’s intentions, you have grounds for your case and you know what you are up against. Before that, you won’t really have a proper direction to take your claims; after that, it might already be too late to do anything in your defense.

What Can a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Do For Me?

A foreclosure is not much like anything else out there in the world of homeownership, or the world of litigation. To effectively fight foreclosure, you need to fully understand it. Most people do not have the time or the interest to pick apart all the details surrounding foreclosure, and this is where a trustworthy foreclosure defense lawyer comes into play.

My name is Michael P. Forbes, and I am a Philadelphia foreclosure defense attorney. With my legal counsel and guidance, I may be able to steer you towards the most beneficial solution to your foreclosure lawsuit. Bankruptcy is not necessarily the only way out, and I think it should be used only when there are no other options available.

By fighting the foreclosure and challenging the mortgage company's right to foreclose and accuracy of their records, the process will take much longer and you will be taken more seriously by the mortgage company. This could aid you in getting a loan modification.

Whatever needs to be done to protect you and your home, I can do so for you. If you have been handed foreclosure paperwork, you should contact me today before things get out of hand.

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