Has Your Credit Card Company Sued You in PA?

Has your credit card company sued you for the payment of your outstanding debt? If you should ever receive a notice in the mail or on your doorstep notifying you that you are being sued by your credit card company, it is imperative that you retain the services of a trusted Philadelphia debt collector defense attorney from the Law Office of Michael P. Forbes, PC as soon as possible. My firm is willing to go toe-to-toe with any credit card company, large or small, and I am ready to defend your rights to the full extent of the law.

We can take on the following credit card companies, among others:

  • Fulton Friedman & Gullace, LLP
  • Ability Recovery Lawsuits
  • Advantage Assets Lawsuits
  • Apothaker and Associates Lawsuits
  • Arrow Financial Lawsuits
  • Asset Acceptance Lawsuits
  • Atlantic Credit & Finance Lawsuits
  • CACH Lawsuits
  • Calvary Lawsuits
  • Capital One Lawsuits
  • Equable Ascent Lawsuits
  • FIA Card Services Lawsuits
  • Hayt Hayt and Landau Lawsuits
  • Hilco Lawsuits
  • ICS Lawsuits
  • LVNV Lawsuits
  • Main Street Acquisitions Lawsuits
  • Midland Funding LLC Lawsuits
  • National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuits
  • Northstar Lawsuits
  • Palisades Lawsuits
  • Portfolio Recovery Services Lawsuits
  • Recovery Services Lawsuits
  • Traf Group Lawsuits
  • Unifund Lawsuits
  • Van Ru Credit Lawsuits
  • Weinberg and Associates Lawsuits
  • Windsor Equity Group Lawsuits

If you ignore a lawsuit from a credit card company, they will automatically be granted a judgment that will grant them the ability to seize your bank accounts or garnish your wages. Call one of our credit card lawyers for a detailed examination of your unique situation, they can devise a strategy to help you settle your debts and cease creditor harassment. To get started towards retaining the representation you deserve, contact us online or call (610) 991-3321 today!

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