Were You Sued by Arrow Financial Services in Pennsylvania?

Were you sued by Arrow Financial Services in Pennsylvania? Have you been notified by Arrow Financial Services through either a collection letter, a telephone call at an odd hour, or an actual court summons that says you owe them money, or else? Have you never even heard of Arrow Financial Services before receiving that notification? If your answers are “yes,” you are not alone.

Arrow Financial Services has offices located in New York but they purchase and pursue debts from all around the country. People in nearby Pennsylvania, in particular, have been seeing an increase of lawsuits filed by Arrow Financial Services in recent years. And most of them do not understand where the debt came from or how this company came to own it.

Arrow Financial Services is technically a multibank holding company but many will refer to it as a “junk debt buyer,” or a company that purchases debts for the tiniest fraction of their full amount from original creditors, such as national banks and credit card companies. Rather than worrying about chasing down a debt, those creditors can just sell it off to Arrow Financial Services, who will then try to collect that full amount from you, the debtor. The process is as suspicious as it is faulty. Often little to no usable information is passed from the creditor to Arrow Financial, other than the fact that you owe a certain amount of money; in some cases, the amount isn’t even correct or consistent between correspondences.

Protect Yourself from Arrow Financial Services

Haste and lack of thoroughness is often the downfall of a junk debt buyer. By failing to collect adequate information from creditors, they allow debt collection defense attorneys to punch holes right through their cases. Without proper evidence to use against the debtor, the case can be deemed legally insufficient and therefore unacceptable.

There are also instances in which a junk debt buyer resorts to illegal collection tactics, such as harassing debtors at all hours of the night with phone calls and even resorting to physical threats. While it is not known if Arrow Financial Services has ever used collection strategies that are in direct opposition to the law, it is known that similar companies have done the same numerous times. If you encounter any unjust collection tactics from Arrow Financial Services, attempt to record the conversation or save a copy of any related transcripts to use in your case.

As soon as you have a free moment, you should contact the Law Office of Michael P. Forbes. Our Philadelphia debt collector defense attorney, Mr. Forbes, has gained a reputation throughout Pennsylvania for being the lawyer that has the guts and the know-how to fight back against creditor and collection agency lawsuits. Call 610.991.3321 to learn your legal options after you have been sued by Arrow Financial Services in Pennsylvania.

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