What You Should Do After Being Sued by Cavalry in Pennsylvania

Has Cavalry Portfolio Services – most commonly known as just Cavalry – recently contacted you through an email, a letter sent to your physical address, or a telephone call to tell you that you’re being sued by them? Even if you have never heard of Cavalry before, you have to take their promises to file a lawsuit against you due to alleged outstanding debts seriously. Debt collection agencies like Cavalry usually win lawsuits on grounds of default, meaning the people they try to sue never put up a legal defense and automatically lose. If you have been sued by Cavalry in Pennsylvania, it is time for you to retain the services of a debt collector defense attorney.

What Does Cavalry Do?

Cavalry Portfolio Services is a debt collection agency that seeks old debts from people who have either gone into the red, or who have forgotten to pay back a loan due to varying circumstances. Cavalry can take control of a debt through a few different means but usually will purchase the “bad debts” from organizations that originally owned them. That is to say, if a bank, credit card company, or loan agency is owed money from a third-party, Cavalry will purchase the right to pursue that debt instead.

For example: If you owe your bank $10,000, a “junk debt buyer” like Cavalry might pay your bank $1,000 for the right to pursue that debt. The bank is satisfied with getting that fraction instead of nothing at all, and Cavalry now has a chance to make $9,000 on its purchase.

The most common forms of debt that get purchased by companies like Cavalry are student loan debts and credit card debt. By paying the original creditors a small fraction of the owed debt, Cavalry stands to make big profits for each successful collection attempt. This beneficial margin for them acts a motivator that will likely keep them on the heels of debtors, including using tactics like filing a lawsuit.

Losing out to Cavalry after they have sued you can cause:

  • Newly-placed garnishments on wages and bank accounts
  • Foreclosures and new judgement liens
  • Credit score devastation
  • Mandatory sales of your spare assets

How to Defeat a Lawsuit from Cavalry

The language in the lawsuit notification sent from Cavalry and other debt collection agencies will make it seem like you are painted into a corner and out of options. Do not be fooled by this attempt to get you to concede. You always have options to defend yourself.

Some debt lawsuits are based on either debts that are years and years old – often called zombie debts by collection defense attorneys – or that never existed in the first place. With strong and experienced representation from your lawyer, backed by evidence that the debt is not valid, debts of this nature might be shot down readily in court.

But even actual debts that you admittedly own might be challenged successfully. Junk debt buyers often get little to no direct information from the original creditors that sell them the debts. Without thorough records of your debt, it might be seen as invalid and dismissed by the court. Other options to protect your finances exist as well – but you have to be willing to explore your legal choices if you want to succeed.

The Law Office of Michael P. Forbes has the experience, know-how, and tenacity you require to fight back when you are sued by a debt collection company. If you have been sued by Cavalry in Pennsylvania, contact me, a Philadelphia debt collector defense attorney with 25+ years of experience, to discover your options. Together, we may be able to defeat Cavalry before you even need to step into the courtroom to address your alleged outstanding debt.

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