Auto Repossession: You Have Options

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When to Involve an Auto Repossession Attorney

If your car is repossessed and you are wondering what to do, know that you have options.  As a Philadelphia auto repossession attorney, it is my job to help clients understand their rights and help them to get their car back. The team at The Law Office of Michael P. Forbes will work with you to determine if you can turn things around in your favor and what legal process may apply.  We understand that mistakes happen, circumstances can change and that you may have reached this point without any choice.  Let our team help you secure an outcome that is favorable.

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What Are Your Options

Listed below are some of the options that you may have to get your car back. Remember, it is best to contact our team before you make any decisions, to make sure that the legal path you choose is the right one.

  • Redeem Your Vehicle: This is another word for buying your car back, meaning paying the lender the entire loan balance including all arrears and repossession fees.
  • Reinstate Your Loan: Some loan agreements allow the borrower to reinstate the loan by paying past due payments, while others demand a full loan payment. Check your agreement for terms.
  • Buy Your Vehicle Back at Auction: If your lender sells your vehicle at auction, you have a chance to buy it back, but keep in mind that you will still owe the remainder of your loan balance.
  • File for Bankruptcy: If you file for bankruptcy before the sale of your vehicle, it will prohibit the lender from selling your vehicle, buying you time to obtain the money needed to get your vehicle back.

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Regardless of what avenue you choose, it is in your best interest to speak with an attorney before making any decisions. When your finances and your means of transportation are at stake, you need legal guidance from a qualified team. If your vehicle was repossessed or you are facing repossession, you have legal rights. We know what your rights are as a consumer and we can help you fight your repossession.  Our Philadelphia auto repossession attorney is on your side.

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