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Facing a Credit Card Lawsuit in Philadelphia?

Representation by a Philadelphia Credit Card Lawsuit Attorney

If you have stopped making payments on your credit card debt, you could end up being subject to a lawsuit filed by your credit card company or companies. In other cases in which the debt has been sold off, the debtor might instead be sued by a debt buying company. While you may feel completely overwhelmed and at a loss for solutions, it is not too late to protect yourself.

By contacting the Law Office of Michael P. Forbes, PC, you can receive aggressive defense from a Philadelphia debt collection defense attorney who handles credit card lawsuits. Attorney Michael P. Forbes, who has more than 25 years of experience, is a fully knowledgeable about how these lawsuits work and what types of legal options are available to debtors. He can work with you to help you determine the course of action that will best benefit you.

Defenses in Credit Card Lawsuits

There are many different defenses that can be used in credit card lawsuits. Some of these include the following:

  • Lack of Property Documentation: If the credit card company does not have the original documentation (such as the original debt contract) that proves that you owe the debt or that proves the amount you owe, this could be grounds for challenging the plaintiff's claim. Documentation sometimes gets lost in the process of debt changing hands multiple times, such as from the original creditor to a debt buying company, and then to another debt buying company.
  • Statute of Limitations: The state of Pennsylvania places a four-year statute of limitations on lawsuits relating to contracts, which applies to credit card debt. This means that the credit card company only has four years from the default date to sue an individual for unpaid debt. If the statute of limitations has already passed in your case, you can use this to challenge the validity of the claim.
  • Violations of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: If your credit card company or debt collector violated federal law by using deceptive or overly aggressive tactics when trying to collect the debt from you, you might be able to file a countersuit against that party. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts establishes what a creditor or debt collect can and cannot do when trying to collect payment. When the creditors violate these rules, they can be found guilty of creditor abuse.

Contact Attorney Michael P. Forbes!

These are just some of the many possible defenses that can be used. To learn more about the legal options that are specifically available to you in your case, contact our firm. Attorney Michael P. Forbes has more than two decades of experience, which can be used to your benefit.

You are only required to pay for your legal representation if Attorney Forbes wins your case! Besides Philadelphia, our law firm also serves individuals in the states of Pennsylvania.

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