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Please listen to our radio show every Saturday from 10 AM to 10:30. This show is hosted by Attorney Michael Forbes and his wife, sidekick, Nancy. Michael addresses a wide range of consumer matters from credit card issues to foreclosures to current scams to healthcare problems. The show is designed for people to call in with their questions and concerns. Though, light-hearted, there are some very serious matters discussed and advised on.

To hear the shows, click on this link: Please tune in and call in. Michael and Nancy love talking to everyone and Michael wants to hear about things that really trouble you. He can often give you immediate relief of what ails you right there on the phone!

Click here to listen to a particular episode we encourage you to hear, airing at the beginning of 2016. Ramsey Coulter, owner of Coulter Credit Counseling, is a guest speaker!


By popular demand we are expanding our radio show to one hour. This offers us more time to address your consumer questions and concerns. We will be introducing features such as; mortgage weekly updates, consumer news, our beloved bottom-feeders of the week and of course, our political spotlight. Please join us and call in with your questions.

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