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Coatesville Debt Collection Defense Lawyer

Are you being harassed by a debt collection agency in Coatesville?

If you answered yes to the previous question, chances are you may be feeling frustrated, stressed and anxious about your building debt and the collection agency trying to forcibly collect it. In some cases, with zombie debts, a debtor may experience extremely abusive tactics from a creditor requesting that he or she repay the debt.

About Zombie Debts in Coatesville

A zombie debt is exactly as it sounds - a debt that seems to never go away. Often times a collector will buy an old debt from a credit card company for an extremely low price and use credit scoring to zero in on individuals who are likely to pay off their old debts. Then, after a victim is chosen by a collection agency, a predatory collector will go after the "debtor" and may use abusive tactics to force the individual to repay the debt, including using verbal profanity, threats and lawsuits.

In many cases, the individual has already paid the debt in full or it has been legally resolved in bankruptcy court. Without legal representation from a seasoned debt collection defense attorney such as myself, Attorney Michael Forbes, these individuals may give in to the agencies harassing ways and pay the old debt.

Contact a Coatesville Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Don't let yourself become the victim of an abusive debt collector! Consult with a member of my firm for experienced and competent protection and defense. As a debt collection defense lawyer serving Coatesville for nearly two decades, I have built a reputation as a zealous advocate for the rights of individuals abused by debt collection agencies and I am ready to help you too.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a zombie debt by a collection agency, do not hesitate to contact a Coatesville debt collection defense lawyer at the Law Office of Michael P. Forbes today.

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