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Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Phoenixville

Facing abusive debt collectors in Phoenixville?

Debt collectors have built a horrible reputation in the community for a reason. In some cases, they perform unfair and even abusive debt collection processes, leaving a debtor confused, stressed and worried. They may constantly call a debtor or even go the distance and make threats of violence or arrest in hopes of getting a debtor to pay back money. In other situations, the creditor will contact a debtor's friends, family, or place of work. When a creditor does this, not only does he or she put the debtor at risk of losing the support of family and friends, but also risks employment termination as well.

The only reason some debt collection agencies get away with such profane acts is because many individuals are unaware that this is actually against the law. Without knowledge as to what the law outlines, a debtor may not be aware that he or she is entitled to legal representation and is in fact encouraged to secure legal guidance immediately.

About the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

As a debtor, you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act against abusive and unfair debt collectors. If hired as your debt collection defense lawyer, I may be capable of successfully litigating for your case. If the case is won, the debt collection agency who has been abusing you may be responsible for damages and attorney fees. Even if there are no actual damages, the defendant collector may be responsible for paying you for statutory damages. In other words, your debt collector may have to pay you if he or she has been violating your rights and harassing you! For more information on how my firm can help you find relief, consult with me, Attorney Michael Forbes, today!

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