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Student Loan Trust Lawsuits

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuits

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Are you facing a lawsuit from the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust? I have successfully defended many clients from these lawsuits, and I may even be able to turn the tables on the Trust and sue them for violating your rights under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

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I defend clients throughout Pennsylvania, and in the myriad of cases I have handled in multiple states, only a few cases have needed to go as far as the trial or arbitration stage. Thus far my firm has won every case outright or gotten the court to dismiss the lawsuit. Find out I may be able to help you when you contact my office today.

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Sued by the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust? Know Your Legal Rights & Options!

In many cases, it turns out the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust filed the lawsuit against a client beyond the statute of limitations, missing the deadline and thus rendering the suit void. In most cases, the FDCPA has been violated, which means that clients can sue the Trust for damages, and in some cases, attorney fees.

On the Trust’s end, the paperwork involved is often sketchy, and it’s likely that they can’t even pinpoint which of their trusts holds your loan. Even so, neither investors nor the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust want loans to default, and the trust will aggressively pursue debt collection. If you fight back and look closely at their lawsuit, however, it becomes clear that they might have an uphill battle against you.

In order to win their lawsuit, the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust has to conclusively prove at least three things:

  • You took out a private student loan: They need to produce a Promissory Note signed by you.
  • They own the loan and have the right to collect on it: They need documents clearly showing that the lender sent it to the depositor who then sent it to them.
  • They are asking to collect the accurate amount of debt: They need detailed account records to prove that you truly owe them as much as they are asking.

With the complex network that is the National Collegiate Trust, a network that often lacks basic documentation, you may be in great shape to challenge their lawsuit. I can determine whether or not the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust actually has a case against you. From defending your rights under the FDCPA to building the strong defense against this student loan lawsuit, levies, and other penalties, my firm has the insight and tenacity to help you.

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